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Grey Gardens Collections is proud to announce the First Edition publication of I Only Mark the Hours that Shine: Little Edie's Diary ~ 1929, edited by Eva Marie Beale, with an introduction by Bouvier Beale, Jr.

The book is a faithfully transcribed rendition of Edith Bouvier Beale's handwritten diary which she kept at the age of eleven, featuring a detailed entry every day, during the year of 1929.
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"Imagine an eleven year old girl from a prosperous, established American family, trained in writing and literary expression by the best private schools and home tutors that money could buy at the time. Now imagine that young girl pouring her heart out dutifully, every day, for one full year, upon the pages of a private diary she never imagined would ever be read by anyone (except possibly her own mother). Now have the setting be the rarefied salons, exclusive clubs, and theatres of New York City and beaches of the Hamptons, during the pivotal, historical year of 1929, and you’ve got the ingredients for a compelling story, most would agree. Now, finally, imagine that this eleven year old girl is none other than Little Edie Beale, of Grey Gardens fame. This is what you are now holding in your hands."

-- An except from Bouvier Beale Jr.'s introduction to I Only Mark the Hours that Shine: Little Edie's Diary - 1929

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Hardcover: 202 Pages

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